Diabhal (Devil) is the story of cults, exorcisms and the devil in 1980’s era Los Angeles. Ceit Robertson, age ten, is the next Matrarc to the Society, a cultish, matriarchal group living in an inconspicuous cul-de-sac in Venice Beach. When Ceit’s mother is attacked by spirits from the old world, a failed exorcism results in Ceit’s exile into the foster care system in Los Angeles.


She eventually lands in the infamous MacLaren Hall, a very real and historically auspicious center for disturbed and abandoned children in El Monte, CA. Diabhal is the sympathetic story of the devil in Los Angeles. The exploration of the true nature of evil and how intention colors what our definition of wickedness truly is. Ceit grows into a force of nature, as she contains the potential and mythology of the darkest degree, but discovers that perhaps the devil is not what we should truly fear.


"Atmospheric and creepy as hell. Diabhal will get under your skin."

Kaaron Warren, Australian Shadow Award Winner and Peter McNamara Lifetime Achievement Recipient, Author of Tide of Stone

"Imagine a world of old magic that exists beside our own, but one that is darker, grittier, and more dangerous  than you ever imagined. Kathleen Kaufman's Diabhal rings with ominous truths."

―Alma Katsu, author of The Hunger

"A potent tale of mythos, superstition, and the power of little girls, Diabhal is told with rigor and surety. Kaufman is magnificent."

―Lee Murray, two-time Bram Stoker nominee and author of Into the Mist.

"…an engrossing tale of magic, darkness, and natural order"

―Publishers Weekly

Kathleen Kaufman

Kathleen Kaufman is a native Coloradan and long-time resident of Los Angeles.   Her prose has been praised by Kirkus Reviews as “crisp, elegant” and “genuinely chilling” by Booklist.   She is the author of The Tree Museum, The Lairdbalor, soon to be a feature film with Echo Lake Studios and director Nicholas Verso, and her most recent, Hag, due out in October 2018.   Kathleen is a monster enthusiast, Olympic-level insomniac and aficionado of all things unsettling.   When not writing, she can be found teaching literature and composition at Santa Monica College or hanging out with a good book.   She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, son, terrier and a pack of cats.